Sunday, October 4, 2009

English Cheesy Lines / Banat. 51-91.

51. still waiting for the one you love? just wait a little longer. i'm on my way!

52. if i never met you, i wouldn't like you. if i didn't like you, i wouldn't love you. if i didn't love you, i wouldn't miss you. but i did, i do, and i will.

53. i'm not a jealous person. i am just a girl. a simple girl that, would love to break the neck of those bitches who flirts around my guy.

54. the day i met you. was the day. you met me too.

55. girl: i heard magaling ka daw sa ALGEBRA?
boy: well, medyo. bakit?
girl: can you please substitute my 'X', without asking 'Y'?

56. of all the drinks i have tried, i'd compare you to a cup of coffee. a little bitter, a little sweet. but oh. so HOT!

57. i don't care how many lips you have kissed. how many shoulders you have embraced, and how many time you've said ILOVEYOU. all i care is not to be the FIRST. but to be your LAST.

58. ratio of a good relationship.
rich bf: happy gf
smart gf: under bf
handsome bf: problematic gf
beautiful gf: proud bf
athletic bf: so many gf
luckiest bf: si ALENA ang gf! :P

59. MISS ME or HATE ME, both are in my favor. if you miss me, i'm in your HEART. if you hate me, i'll always be in your MIND.

60. i'm gonna put some super glue on my hands. so i can hold you forever.

61. extreme BAD LUCK: i want to kiss the most beautiful, attractive, charming and sweet person in the world. but my lips can't touch my cheek!

62. "abcd... z" the man who invented alphabets was a genius. but he made silly mistake by keeping "U" and "I" in a long distance.

63. a short conversation:
g: if i'll be your gf, please stop smoking.
b" okay!
g: and drinking too.
b: ayt!
g: also, going to the club at night.
b: yes!
g: what else can you stop?
b: the idea of courting you, i guess?

64. guy: i don't like you wearing that dress.
girl: ok.
guy: you'll wear a very very long dress next time, understand?
girl: (am i a nun?) ok fine.
guy: with a veil.
girl: (angry)
guy: wearing this ring.
girl: (speechless)

65. i don't feel sad when i see my ex flirting with someone. come on! i'm generous! i share my USED toys to poor children.

66. g: are you thinking of me?
b: well, i'm not thinking of you. coz i'm badly thinking of us.. together.

67. someone said to me, I LOVE YOU! i sneezed, i replied, "sorry, but i'm allregic to lies."

68. i believe that time is gold. but i have no time. therefore, i have no gold.

69. how can i feel sad if everytime i try to feel like that, GOD is always giving me reasons to smile.

70. nobody could ever make me smile for no apparent reasons. except for the one who's on my mind right now.

71. eveyone's calling me "BITCH" bitch is a dog. dog barks. barks are on trees. trees are part of nature. nature is beautiful. so thanks for the compliment.

72. in a petshop. customer talking to a parrot. "hoy! can you speak ha? can you speak?! bobo!"
parrot: "yes, i can! ikaw? can you fly ha, can you fly!? gago!"

73. if you don't know the ansert to an exam. just write ETC. it's not etcetera. it's actually an acronym for "end of thinking capacity."

74. boy: can i call you mine?
girl: that's not my name. i'm YOURS!

75. why pollute my precious body with unnecessary drugs, when all i need is your desire to make me high.

76. famous break up lines:
"i just realized that i don't want to be attached." (duh? staple remover, gusto mo?)
"i'm confused, i need time to find myself." (eto worldmap, go find yourself.)
"we're too different from each other." (kasi nga, tao ako at hayop ka!)
"you're too immature for me." (oo, alam ko namang gurang ang gusto mo e.)
"kung talagang tayo, kahit saang sulok ng mundo magtatagpo tayo." (hello?! walang sulok ang mundo. bilog ang mundo! bilog!)

77. HER to him: i hate it when you act like i don't mean anything to you.
HIM to her: and i hate it when you act like you don't know that you mean everything to me.

78. last night, i was given two choices by an angel. either to have a good memory or to have you. and i just can't remember what i chose.

79. boy: uy, wondergirls ka ba?
girl: huh? bakit?
boy: cause i want nobody, nobody but you.
girl: ah. hehe. sorry. 2ne1 ako eh.
boy: bakit?
girl: cause i don't care eh, eh, eh, eh, eh.

80. gf and bf walking around the mall when a flirt came rushing towards them.
flirt: hi handsome. i'm *insert name here*. and you are?
bf: i'm hers. =)

81. time can heal the pain. is my clock broken??

82. to call you my own is the sweetest dream i know.

83. when you love someone, fight for it. but if that someone loves somebody else, be a soldier. KILL THEM BOTH.

84. girl: i wanna end our relationship. i'm going to return to you everything you gave me.
boy: okay, then. let's start with the kisses. ^-^

85. "i tried my best to wait for you, i've shouted too loud, you didn't even respond to my call. now, you want me to go back?" - magtataho.

86. it takes more than a million people to complete the world. but it only takes HIM to complete mine.

87. life is a matter of choice. you can be a doctor who saves lives. a lawyer who defends lives. a soldier who protects lives. or just be yourself, and be my life.

88. they're only POWERFUL when you got your BACK turned.

89. i don't need to remind you everyday of how much i love you. it's up to you kn how long you will remember.

90. "ui!" .. hearing the word "ui" is so relaxing to our ears. proving that "u" and "i" sounds perfect for each other.



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